Our goal is to give you several options to start your EQUESTRIAN PILATES® training. We offer private one-on-one training, video evaluations, and group clinics.


This is a great way to learn EQUESTRIAN PILATES® that you can do on your own at home or in the barn before and after you ride.

The following programs are available:

Basic EQUESTRIAN PILATES® (Off the Horse) Clinic

A fun, informative class designed just for you, the rider. This half-day clinic includes:

  • EQUESTRIAN PILATES® that you can do at home and at the barn.
  • EQUESTRIAN PILATES® stretches that get you ready for your ride.
  • An EQUESTRIAN PILATES® workbook with the exercises and directions.
  • A body assessment to evaluate your individual equestrian fitness needs.

These are scheduled by request and are 1/2 day clinics.

The next step is Intermediate and Advanced Equestrian Pilates® (Off the Horse) to challenge you even further.

On-the-Horse Evaluation

This is a 55 minute private session that individualizes the Basic EQUESTRIAN PILATES® (Off-the-Horse) Clinic to suit your personal needs. It includes an evaluation on and off the horse and deals with particular problems including low back pain, difficulties sitting the trot, a weak seat, and more. Each person is given more detailed information regarding their own particular issues and Pilates exercises that can help them. You must supply your own horse and have participated in the Basic EQUESTRIAN PILATES® (Off the Horse) Clinic.

Basic EQUESTRIAN PILATES® (Off the Horse) Clinic and the On-the-Horse Evaluations can be done on the same day.


These are usually done in the Pilates studio with equipment and/or mat. Using Pilates apparatus is a great way to deepen your understanding of your body and how it moves on and off the horse. The apparatus are an excellent tool to challenge you physically and enhance your athletic performance.


We know that sometimes it’s hard to get away. Send us a video of you riding your horse and we will evaluate your movement while riding. We will then consult with you over the phone and give you specific exercises to help you improve your riding.

Please contact Elizabeth Hanson at 805-338-5765 or equestrianpilates@gmail.com to try any of this today!

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