Effective riding involves the conditioning of both horse and rider. EQUESTRIAN PILATES® focuses on the central elements: balance, awareness, strength, and flexibility. These are all qualities of a successful rider.

Elizabeth Hansen's program has given me the tools to improve my rides and that of my clients. The training manuals and instruction she provides are extensive and well worth the investment. As both a rider and Pilates instructor, I recommend this program to anyone in the equestrian world!

Heather Light
Level 2 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Apparatus and Mat Teacher


These sessions are taught in the Pilates studio with equipment and/or mat. Using Pilates apparatus is a great way to deepen your understanding of your body and how it moves on and off the horse. The apparatus are an excellent tool to challenge you physically and enhance your athletic performance.

There are a limited number of EQUESTRIAN PILATES® teachers throughout the United States.

To schedule a private EQUESTRIAN PILATES® session in Newbury Park, CA please email Elizabeth at equestrianpilates@gmail.com. For other areas of the country check out our listing of certified instructors on our “Instructor’s tab”.

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