Sue Kellogg – Level 1 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Mat Instructor



Sue Kellogg-Graf is an accomplished trainer, rider and teacher. She has a small barn in Orange County CA that is a mix of show and casual riders, but they all have a passion for horses and love their sport. Growing up in the Midwest, Sue was nurtured by hunter-jumper trainers that believe every horse needs a foundation in dressage. This helps to create strong yet supple horses that are happier in their work, easier to train, and have fewer injuries. Through this philosophy of training horses, Sue sought out similar theories for training riders. With a stronger yet agile body, riders are better able to move with their horses, are happier in their riding, easier to train, and also have fewer injuries. This is the evolution of EQUESTRIAN PILATES® into the Kellogg Equestrian Academy.

Contact Information

Kellogg Equestrian Academy Southern California Area
(949) 290-1420

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