Kirstin Hill – Level 2 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Apparatus & Mat Instructor


Kirstin Hill is a certified Level 2 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Instructor, Registered Dietitian and owner of The Fit Equestrian in San Diego. Her business focuses on improving the health, well-being and fitness of equestrian athletes. She grew up in the Bay Area where she was a member of The United States Pony Club, achieving up to the ‘H’ rating. During her time as a member, she learned a great deal from renowned instructors/professional riders, like Gina Miles, Brian Sabo and Judy Klus, that enabled her to build a solid knowledge of riding and horse management skills.

She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, San Diego Dietetic Association and the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Practice Group.

Currently, Kirstin enjoys leisure riding and competing in local dressage, show jumping and eventing shows on her current mount, Stormin’ Norman.

Kirstin would love to be apart of your journey to improving your ride and health.

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San Diego, CA

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