AUDIT The Level 1 Online EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Mat Certification

Auditing the certification gives you the opportunity to check out EQUESTRIAN PILATES® first-hand.  Riding experience preferred. You must already be certified in mat Pilates to attend.

This is an online live video conference certification that covers the EQUESTRIAN PILATES® mat program, important anatomy for the rider, common riding problems and their correction, individual off the horse assessments, how to hold clinics and how to set up your own EQUESTRIAN PILATES® business.

At the end of auditing the course you are NOT a certified EQUESTRIAN PILATES® teacher.  To finish the certification you must retake the course as a regular attendee.  You must complete four rider on and off the horse assessments and pass a written examination. Pre-requisites:  riding experience preferred. Pilates mat certification required.

To receive a complete course description and registration package please email

This course starts Tuesday, April 10th from 2 to 3:30 pm PST and runs for 8 more weeks at the same time weekly.

You must have a computer, internet connection and videocam to attend.

Your $395 auditing fee is credited towards your certification fee when you take the course as a regular attendee.

Price: $395.00

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E-Book: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Mat Program

How to Make Your Horse Happy By Dramatically Improving Your RidingAn Off-the-Horse Rider Exercise Program for EVERY Discipline Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Mat Program Feeling motivated? Buy all three e-books in the 3 part series at once and save money!  This bundled series includes the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced programs. You must download this e-book yourself after you complete your purchase.  If you experience any problems please contact All three e-books purchased separately normally costs $50.85. All three books are a total of 307 pages. 16.8 MB After you purchase this book you will be directed to download the e-books immediately. There are 3 e-books together in one zipped file. The best way to view these e-books is to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at

Old Price: $50.85

Price: $19.99

You save: $30.86

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Send in a video of yourself riding. Elizabeth will evaluate your movement on and off the horse and make suggestions on how to improve your ride through EQUESTRIAN PILATES®.  Please contact Elizabeth at for detailed instructions on what to include in the video.

Price: $100.00

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Self Study Level 1 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Mat Certification

Take your Pilates to the next level for your equestrian clients with this certification. This program includes an 176 page electronic course manual with photos and exercise descriptions, videos of the entire course streamed to your computer and 2 one-on-one private video conference calls with Elizabeth Hanson, the creator of the program. Course fee is $695. Hard copy of all the videos mailed to you $195. You will need a computer, web cam and high speed internet connection.   To finish the certification you must complete 8 teaching hours, four rider off the horse assessments and pass a written examination. Pre-requisites: Pilates Mat certification. Riding experience not required, but a plus.

Certification Fee: $695. Videos are watched online while streamed to your computer.

Hard Copies of the Videos Mailed to you: $195

System requirements: Internet connection and a webcam.

To receive an entire course description and registration package please email

Price: $695.00

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Level 2 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Apparatus Certification

This course is scheduled by demand depending on the number of students that have passed the Level 1 Program.

Take your EQUESTRIAN PILATES® to the next level with apparatus training and On-the-Horse Evaluations. This two and one half day in person certification will cover the EQUESTRIAN PILATES® apparatus program and On-the-Horse Evaluations. During this course we will be evaluating riders off the horse in the Pilates studio as well as in the saddle at the barn. One of our main goals will be how to individualize the EQUESTRIAN PILATES® program using apparatus. Seeing riders on their horses will only deepen our understanding of what riders really need.

To finish the certification you must complete four rider on and off the horse assessments and pass a written examination.

Pre-requisites: riding experience preferred and mat and apparatus Pilates certification.

Certification Fee: $995.00. This includes class time and manual.

For a full course description and registration package please email Elizabeth at

Price: $995.00

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