Lisa Goodhart – Level 1 EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Mat Certified Instructor

Lisa Goodhart

I’m originally from the UK and now based in rural North-West Auckland with a Pilates studio and equestrian facilities including arena and stabling for client lessons at our home in Waimauku. 

I’m a riding coach and qualified intermediate level Mat Pilates teacher accredited with New Zealand’s register of exercise professionals and now thrilled to also be a level 1 Equestrian Pilates ® instructor. 

For me Pilates was the missing link in advancing as a rider.  I discovered my own crookedness and imbalances were at the root of all my riding issues; within a short time persistent back aches were gone and I was able to sit with legs reaching and go with my horse with greater stability and flow. 

The principles of Pilates align (excuse the pun) so well with the training scale for horses and riding I knew that I needed to be able to teach Pilates to riders too! 

I’m passionate about helping people become the best they can be for their horse, helping people to discover for themselves the significance of their own biomechanics and how they influence the horse. 

Riders are very good at spending money on their horses, saddles and fittings, massages and treatments but forget about themselves, and as we are 50% of the relationship it is a curious thing that the majority of riders don’t see themselves as significantly contributing to their horse’s straightness, freedom of movement and soundness, as well as the mental state.  Try folding at the hips with your jaw clenched and notice how stiff your spine is. Even tension held in our face can impact our horse!

Learn correct breathing, aligning your pelvis and spine, improving scapula rhythm and core stability, releasing tension and muscle spasm for a better ride through the Pilates program
with The Rider’s Body.  

I’m ready to help riders with a desire and commitment to making a change to become the rider their horse would choose.


The Rider’s Body

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